February 21, 2023

๐ŸŽฌ Akur8 releases new End-to-end Pricing Solution Video!

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How can Akur8's end-to-end solution help you?


Watch to learn about our product! Check out the video below to learn about how Akur8 is continuing to empower actuaries with our end-to-end solution:



Akur8โ€™s Product

Akur8 supports pricing experts at every step of the pricing process. From data processing and visualization, to exporting final models, Akur8 provides a comprehensive modular approach to pricing built around three main modules. Our Product Video breaks down how our solution can upgrade your business.


Our Modules

1. Risk - to build technical models and pure premiums

2. Demand - to build behavioral conversion and retention models and measure price elasticity

3. Rate - to iterate on rate plans (commercial premiums) and run portfolio analyses


Click here to watch our RISK Video!

Click here to watch our DEMAND Video!

Click here to watch our RATE Video!


Why use Akur8?

Akur8โ€™s Transparent Machine Learning allows actuaries and pricing teams to build highly predictive models in record time, while maintaining full transparency, auditability and control over the models created: the whole modeling process is automatically documented, and the output of the models is entirely transparent and adjustable.

Our end-to-end actuarial pricing software delivers tremendous value to P&C and health insurers ready to join the pricing revolution. We unlock untapped combined ratio improvement potential, powered by proprietary Transparent AI and machine learning automation.


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