February 21, 2023

๐ŸŽฌ Akur8 releases new RATE Video!

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How can Akur8's RATE Module help you?


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Akur8โ€™s RATE Module

Akur8 supports pricing experts at every step of the pricing process. Our RATE Module helps actuaries and insurance pricing experts build commercial premiums with the best and most informed pricing decisions. Maximize business impact by boosting your rate-making capabilities and creating the best pricing strategy for your business. Akur8's RATE Module answers the question: "What premiums should be offered to achieve my business objectives as an insurer?" Our RATE Video breaks down how our RATE Module can upgrade your business.โ€


Analyze - Monitor Portfolio performance at granular level and identify performance gaps across segments.

Set your rates - Set up your rates by assessing and tracing the impact of planned rate changes on your portfolio.

Document - Generate insightful customized reports to present your rate changes.


Why use Akur8?

Akur8โ€™s Transparent Machine Learning allows actuaries and pricing teams to build highly predictive models in record time, while maintaining full transparency, auditability and control over the models created: the whole modeling process is automatically documented, and the output of the models is entirely transparent and adjustable.

Our end-to-end actuarial pricing software delivers tremendous value to P&C and health insurers ready to join the pricing revolution. We unlock untapped combined ratio improvement potential, powered by proprietary Transparent AI and machine learning automation.


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