March 22, 2021

🏢 Generali France adopts Akur8 to enhance their insurance pricing process

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Paris, March 23, 2021

Generali France and Akur8 are thrilled to announce their multi-year partnership to boost Generali’s pricing capabilities in France. Both companies are happy about this collaboration, as their teams have been working together since last summer, applying Akur8’s Transparent AI-powered solution to boost Generali France’s rate-making capabilities. Partnering with the French entity of a leading global insurance carrier is a key milestone for Akur8, as well as renewed evidence of Generali’s commitment to innovation and technology. 


Specifically developed for insurers, Akur8’s solution enhances insurers’ pricing processes by automating risk and demand modeling, using transparent Artificial Intelligence proprietary technology. The core benefits for insurers include a reduction in modeling time which will accelerate time to market, increase predictive power, while keeping full transparency and control on the models created.


By using Akur8, Generali France will be able to significantly reduce time-to-market and to offer even more targeted and personalized prices to their customers, further reinforcing their pledge to bring innovative and personalized solutions to their customer base. 


Akur8 is thrilled to enter in a partnership with Generali, to empower them with a state-of-the-art risk modeling solution. Partnering with a global insurance leader such as Generali is a very important step for us, a pivotal point in our development trajectory. This partnership emphasizes the pioneer and forerunner spirit the Generali teams demonstrate, and we hope it will pave the way for further fruitful partnerships within the Generali Group.”, says Samuel Falmagne, CEO at Akur8. 

“Our partnership with Generali France is a further demonstration of the robustness and attractiveness of Akur8’s solution for a global insurance carrier with a leading position in European markets.”  says Brune de Linares, Chief of Sales at Akur8.   


“Akur8’s solution is a strategic and state-of-the-art asset in helping enhance a process as core to our business as pricing. It is a reflection of our pledge to bring more innovation and personalization to generate ever more value for our customers.” says Jean-Charles Guizouarn, Head of Non-life Technical Studies at Generali France.  

Akur8’s value very quickly came to light. Modeling speed is 5x faster, while keeping a thoroughly transparent and auditable process. The user-friendliness of the interface and the collaborative aspect of it are a great asset for the team, making it very easy-to-use, while enhancing internal communication. The responsiveness of the Akur8 team also was instrumental in our very fast learning curve.”, says Eyrich Samba, Actuarial Studies Manager at Generali France. 


About Generali France

Generali France is one of the leading insurers in France, offering a complete range of insurance solutions (health, provident, assistance, property and liability), asset savings and asset management to more than 7.4 million people. Established in France since 1832, Generali France relies on the know-how and expertise of its 9,000 employees and its networks of commercial intermediaries, agents, brokers and partners to be a Lifetime Partner to its customer. As a company committed to a global CSR approach, Generali France supports its clients in their efforts to achieve a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive economy through solutions that are perfectly in line with the social and environmental challenges of today's world.

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About Akur8

Akur8 is revolutionizing insurance pricing with transparent AI. Akur8 developed a unique AI-based insurance pricing solution that automates modeling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control on the models created, as required by regulators worldwide. Akur8 is the only solution on the market reconciling Machine Learning and Actuarial worlds - enabling customer lifetime value-based price optimization.

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